Roulette guide

Arguably one of the most popular casino games in the gambling industry, the game of roulette has a particularly long and interesting history, while a roulette game, for some, time can be a relaxing way to spend time.

It was brought to the world in 1655 by French inventor Pascal Blaise who was a mathematician and physicist who invented this by accident. Originally, he was working on what he called a 'perpetual motion machine' which was a machine that he believed he would be able to run without needing to bring in any energy from the outside. This was ultimately though, an impossible idea though because it went completely against the laws of physics.

Despite this, Pascal still felt a feeling of accomplishment, because he still felt that he had achieved something and was driven by the idea that he could turn this into a roulette game. As a result, it went on to become one of the most popular in the world of casino.

There are different forms of roulette available, the main two being European roulette and American roulette. The latter has one more number which is '00' - a double zero and because of this, the house edge is considerably in the online casino's favor.

Ina roulette game, there is a lot more to the game than most people think and because of this, there is an assumption that it is mostly about luck. While every casino game is completely random, the strategic element of roulette comes in what type of bets you make and also deciding how much that you stake for each one.

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How to play Roulette

The game of roulette is often misunderstood by players because they do not realize just how much there is to it and also just how much that you can do while playing.It is essentially centered around all of the different types of bets that you can make. In Canada, there are many casino sites at which you can choose from to play roulette online as well, with many providing Canadian players the chance to play on demo mode as well so that you can get used to it.

A common perception when you play roulette is that you place your bets on black or red, however, there is much more to it than this and if you are going to play strategically, it is well worth knowing the rules.

Essentially, the most important aspect is to understand the numbers and potential outcome, based on the bets that you choose to make. Every type of bet carries with it chances of winning. This means that this can be increased if you choose to make a more sensible bet, which would be considered one where you cover a lot of numbers in one go.

The least sensible bet is if you simply chose one number because this means that you have the slimmest possible chance of winning. There are many forms of roulette available at different online casinos and some of these are known to even have their own unique rules and in-game features, while live roulette might be more for you because you can see what is happening during the game.

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Roulette game

Different types of Roulette bets

The game of roulette has a wide variety of bets that you can make and these are possible to understand when you look at a roulette table and then around the wheel.

Many of these are considerably different from each other when you factor in the potential returns that can be produced in addition to the odds that you may be designated for each one.

Because of this, you will find a number of the different bets that you can place while you are playing roulette online, though it is advised to place bets with a full understanding of how they work.

Line bet

This is also called a six-line bet, and it is presented like a street when you think about how your selections would be seen. They are essentially a duo of vertical lines that are next to each other which depict the form of houses on both sides of a street. As a result, the chip is then placed at the bottom on the middle line (or road ) and this then splits the two sides and therefore, has a 5 to 1 payout.

Straight bet

A straight bet or straight-up bet in European roulette online casinos these are arguably one of the easier roulette bets to get an understanding of because of the fact that it only refers to one particular number. Also, the fact that your odds of getting a winning outcome with a straight bet are lower, it has a larger payout of 35 to 1 for the player.

Street bet

This kind of bet includes a vertical row of three numbers and the chips are placed at the bottom of each row on the very last line carrying an 11 to 1 payout for the lucky winner if the ball lands favorably on the roulette wheel.

Column bets

A column bet refers to the next number to be produced being in the player’s chosen column on the grid and as a result, includes all of the numbers on one or each of the rows, with a 2 to 1 payout.

Even Money bet

These include a wide variety of different bets, such as Odds or Evens (also known as Impair/Pair), Red or Black, and High or Low.

The general consensus of these can be misunderstood quite easily by some players, many of who sometimes think that it refers to the fact that you have a 50/50 chance of winning.

However, this is quite simply not true, though, even money bets are better with this version of roulette due to the odds being more favorable for you.

Dozen bet

This type of bet is when all 36 numbers can be split into three dozens, which are categorized in order (1 to 12, 13 to 24, and 25 to 36). When you place these types of bets they carry a 2 to 1 payout.

Split bet

These cover two numbers that are next to one another on the European Roulette layout, for example placing bets on the numbers five and six. As a result, you would then have to place your chip on the line in between these two numbers. These types of bets have a payout of 17 to 1 for the player.

Corner bet

These are also known as the Square bet, and have a total of four numbers. The chip is placed in the centre of the ‘square’ that the four numbers create, or, in other words, the ‘common corner’. A corner bet has a payout of 8 to 1 which means that it is quite a popular bet.

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What strategies can be used in roulette?

When you are playing roulette, there are a number of famous strategies that you can apply to your game, and as a result, these are adopted by many different players. Each one is different because of the amount of risk that is associated with each. Let's take a look at some of the most popular ones that can be used in roulette.

Martingale strategy

This is arguably one of the most progressive and famous betting systems in gambling history (if not the riskiest) and is based on the principle that every time that you lose, you double your bet and if you win, stick with the same amount. It follows these basic steps:

Choose to place outside, even-money bets (Red, Black, Even, Odd, 1-18, 19-36).

Whenever you win, you’ll earn as much money as you staked.

Begin with low stakes (table minimum) because the theory works that you

increase them as the game progresses.

If you win, keep betting the same amount.

Once you lose, double up your wager.

If you win in the next round, you will retrieve all you have lost.

However, every time you lose, you need to double up.

When you win again, reset to the smallest bet and place it.

Romanosky strategy

In order to implement this system to its fullest effect, it requires that you play a version of European roulette. It follows the theory that for every bet that you place, you cover 32 numbers, while omitting five numbers each time, as such you place eight chips in each round.

When you play roulette using this strategy, it means that you have an 86.5 percent chance of winning, while the loss rate is represented at 13.5 percent for each spin. Using this strategy with the optimum bets, one number that is always covered is '17', which interestingly is the number that gets the most hits in the game as well.

Labouchere strategy

This is also known as the 'cancellation system' and while being regarded as one of the best strategies to use while playing roulette, it is also known as the most complex.In order to be successful with this strategy, the player needs to predetermine how much money that they would like to win before they place the bet.

The easiest way to understand the Labouchere strategy is by following these steps below:

As with most of the best roulette strategies, Labouchere works most effectively with even-money bets.

The first step is to make a note of a sequence of numbers depending on how much you can wager.

For example, write down 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

The most effective outcome with Labouchere in each round is to win the sum of all the numbers that you have in your sequence.

Whenever you bet, each total stake should be level with the sum of the first and the last number in your sequence.

Should you win, cross out the first and last unit on your list.

If you lose, add how much you wagered in the previous (losing) round.

After a loss, add the right number of units.

If you win, strike out the first and last members of the session.

The aim of the Labouchere strategy is to erase all the numbers you wrote down.

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Roulette FAQs

What is the best bet in roulette?

In roulette, depending on what your objective is, there are certain bets that can work in your favor and increase your chances of winning. This is especially so if you choose to place a bet that covers a lot of numbers, which is why the dozen bet is quite popular.

Can you win money when you are playing roulette?

It is absolutely possible to win money at roulette, though it should be understood that the game is completely random which means that the payouts differ. It is worth getting to know the rules first though because roulette is a game where you can be caught out if you do not. Also, do not gamble more than you can afford to lose.

Can you cheat at roulette?

Every online casino that is licensed is subject to thorough checks by their regulatory body, which means that the casinos have to adhere to strict legislation. In addition to this, every game that is offered by an online casino makes it impossible to cheat at. Quite simply, roulette is completely random.

What's the trick to roulette?

There are many different opinions about what is the best way to win at roulette and essentially there is no right answer. Perhaps the best advice is to manage your bankroll efficiently and make sure that you win more than you lose.