About us

About us

Welcome to OnlineCasinoGames.Net which is literally a one-stop shop for everything that you need to know about the online gambling industry. Launched in 2021, we are a team of industry experts, with decades of experience working in online gambling and, as a result, are ideally positioned to bring you the most informative knowledge about the industry.

Priding ourselves on quality, it is our mission to make sure that we only recommend the very best online casinos that are available to Canadian players and as a result, our comprehensive reviews include a wealth of valuable information.

You will find a wealth of reviews of many different online casinos here, which delve deep into detail about every different aspect of a brand and what you can expect to find. Our process is highly methodical and based on decades of experience working with different operators across the industry.

In addition to online casino reviews, you will also find extensive guides of related subjects, which explains more about the industry as a whole and this is valuable information to have as an online casino player. For example, if you want to know exactly how return to player (RTP) percentages work for various slots and casino games, we have got your back, while we also explain in detail about the different types of legislation for Canadian online gambling.

Should you want to know about a particular slot before you sign up to an online casino, you can also find in-depth guides to how these work as well, such as the gameplay, RTP, slot volatility as well as the maximum and minimum stakes available. This is something that we pride ourselves on, because they provide readers with the information that they need before deciding to sign up to a particular online casino.

Our site is also perfectly optimized for every kind of device and, as a result, a lot of time and effort has gone into making sure that your experience is as good as it can be. User satisfaction is something that is extremely important to us, which is why we are proud to consistently deliver.

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Our commitment to Responsible Gambling

It is important to note also, that we take responsible gambling extremely seriously here at OnlineCasinoGames.Net and we have dedicated a considerable section of our site to making sure that our readers are fully aware about the potential dangers of online gambling.

In addition, we also provide information about the different kinds of resources that you can reach out to if you or someone you know thinks that they might be developing a gambling addiction. What is important to note, is that there is no shame in seeking help and we actively encourage everyone to really understand the steps that you can take to prevent developing a gambling addiction from the beginning.

One of the ways in which we safeguard against this is by only recommending online casinos that are licensed by a reputable regulator. As a result, this means that these are monitored on a regular basis to make sure that they are effectively not crossing any lines that can substantially increase the development of a gambling habit.

Something for everyone

At OnlineCasinoGames.Net, we have made it our mission to make sure that there is as much variety as possible so that we can try to appeal to all online gambling fans. One thing that we firmly understand about this industry, is that every player has different tastes and preferences and as a result, we take this into account in our review process of an online casino.

Because of this, you will find that we recommend many different kinds of online casinos, some of which are similar to each other and some that differ in unique ways such as theme, branding or the type of slots and games that are available.

That is why you will also find a wide range of different slot reviews because we know that these all have their different types of fans and appeal to many demographics.


Your privacy will always be taken very seriously here at OnlineCasinoGames.Net and our privacy policy explains what you can expect in terms of the protection of your details. It is important to note, that we will never contact you without your explicit permission, especially for anything that is related to marketing.

We are always happy to assist

If you have any questions about anything that you find on our site, or you would like to comment on your experience, then you can reach out to us via email (using our contact form) and we will endeavor to help. Your feedback is extremely important to us because it then means that we can provide an even better experience for you in the future! As we are not offering any gambling services ourselves, we do know the market and possibly can help you with your issue.