Craps Guide

A casino game that over the years has acquired a certain amount of popularity from movies, where you see the signature trait associated with the game of someone flinging dice across a craps table, and to many players, this looks like a lot of fun.

You will find that craps is still available at some online casinos though; even in different formats, as with blackjack, roulette and baccarat.

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Where can Canadian players take part in Craps online?

While traditionally, Craps wasn’t a major game at online casinos, in recent years, newer casino sites have started to offer this. As a result, there are many different variations of the game available and these have begun to increase in popularity and which are the subject of strict regulation for the benefit of the player.

Canadian players will find a number of casino sites where they can take part in a game of Craps when they visit the table games section of an online casino, with some even offering the chance to play on demo mode. This means that you are able to get used to how the game works first, without wagering real money.

Our highly informative and crucially, unbiased casino site reviews provide you with everything that you need to know about where you can find a game of Craps and the best places to play this.

How to play Craps

It is easy to assume that there isn't a lot associated with playing craps, just like many people assume with roulette, however, it is more technical than most think. The biggest thing to remember about it is that this is a lot about the bets and these often govern the outcome of how successful a player is.

The key theme behind the game is that players are required to place wagers on the outcome of each roll of the dice.

Getting started

As such, there are two six-sided dice are in the game with the player who throws the dice being given the name of the ‘shooter’, and each player then takes it in turns during the game.

Once a new round begins, the shooter will then choose two dice to roll and following this, they are then required to make a Pass Line bet determining whether they will either pass or not pass the line.

The shooter’s winnings are multiplied by two if they conjure a seven or 11 when they ‘come out’, while a point will then be formed when the shooter gets a four, five, eight, nine or 10.

Importance of the Pass Line bet

Should you bet the Pass line, it then means that the outcome that you need is for the point number to be conjured once more. Should the person who is the shooter then hits the number before they get a seven, it then means that your Pass line bet is doubled as a result.

However, you can lose a pass line bet. This is because, if the shooter gets a seven and this transpires to be behind the key area (or line), and also should you roll Craps (2,3 or 12) this is also the case.

These numbers though present quite a challenge. This is because in order to produce a 12, you need two sixes, while there is only one combination each that will result in either a two (rolling a one on both dice) or a three (rolling a two and one on each dice).

How to use the Don’t Pass Line bet to your advantage

There is also another really important bet to be aware of in craps. This is the ‘don’t pass line bet’. When you have a bet on this you are counting on the shooter to get a 2,3 or 12 and as you have just read, this is quite a hard accomplishment!

This is known as a ‘crap out’. It is also a bet that is considered particularly brave as well because the odds of this happening are quite low.

In addition to these main two bets, there are also other types of bets that it is possible to select in craps such as a ‘Come Bet’, a ‘Don’t Come Bet’ and an ‘Odds Bet’, and these all differ in terms of their purpose and outcomes.

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The main bets that you can make in Craps

Below, you will find a range of the different types of bets that you can make in Craps. While they might seem complicated, the best thing to do is imagine a Craps table and how then you will form a clear image of how they work.

What is a Come Bet in Craps?

A ‘Come Bet’ is almost the same a Pass Line bet, though the key difference is that this can be wagered at any time after the point has been made.

If the shooter gets either seven or an 11 once a Come Bet is wagered, it then means that the Come Bet wins, however, if the shooter gets a two, three or a 12, once the Come Bet is made then the Come Bet is unsuccessful.

When you factor in all of the possible combinations that these can take on, the chances of the higher numbers appearing are quite low.

This is especially the case for an 11 or a 12 due to the fact that you can only roll either five and a six with both dice or two sixes which is quite rare.

Though, as you may have seen in some movies, this outcome has been glamourized a lot in Craps, because of the adrenaline rush that is associated with it such is the rarity of getting it.

If the shooter should roll any other number, it means that this number will become your own, individual point number.

Should that number be rolled prior to the shooter producing a seven though, it then means that the Come Bet wins.

If a seven is the result prior to the number, it means that the Come Bet is not successful, and then pays even money because of this. Rolling seven presents a good chance in Craps, because there are three different ways in which you can do this. Either a four and three, two and five or one and a six will result in you getting a seven.

Should you make a Don't Come Bet?

The opposite of a Come Bet. It is also wagered at any time following the time that a point has been made.

Don't Come Bets produce a win when a shooter gets either the numbers two or even a three following the occasion where a point has been established (as such, a 12 results in a draw).

If any other number is produced then that number will be your point number, and, because of this, a seven is then required to be rolled prior to that number being repeated again in order for the Don't Come Bet to win.

When can Odds Bets be used?

A bet that can be made when you have already wagered on a Pass, Don’t Pass, Come, or Don’t Come bet. The way in which these work, is that the player is required to put their chips on the relevant line of the craps table.

Effectively, it is about betting on what the shooter will get and where their dice will land on the craps table.

As a result, a lot of this is about hedging strategy and some players make multiple bets, with each one varying in terms of how successful that they can be.

For example, if the shooter gets a seven and you have decided to make a bet on this by placing your chips on the Pass Line, it means that this is a really successful outcome.

Also, because you can get a seven from three different combinations, it, therefore, means that there is a really good chance of this happening.

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Craps FAQs

Is craps popular online?

It is often the case at online casinos, that other games are more popular such as blackjack and roulette, however, fans of craps at land-based casinos will still find this an enjoyable game online with a lot of similarities.

This is especially true for the live version of craps, where there is more interactivity and the player can actually see what is happening in more of an authentic setting. You are also able to tell the dealer what you want to do, which again makes this more dynamic, especially if it is a case of making pass bets, field bets, or proposition bets for example.

You can also just as clearly see the outcomes of bets, such as a 4 or 10 and even 6 or 8, and bets come out transparently on screen, regardless of the device that you use.

Is craps worth playing?

If you are a fan of casino games in general and you enjoy all of the others, then it might do any harm to try out craps and online the shooter makes it interesting. When you play craps online it is worth first becoming familiar with craps rules because the game can be hard to understand.

Ultimately, there is a lot to remember, especially all of the different bets, so if you are able to use demo mode, then this can help you to understand the game a lot better.

How far does Craps date back?

It also has an intriguing history, with Roman soldiers understood to have invented the game in their downtime between battles, where they used pigs knuckle bones as dice and their shields as craps tables.

From the far-off lands of Arabia to central Europe and beyond, the game of Craps is certainly well-traveled with roots in each of these areas. Having taken on many different names over the centuries, including Asart, Hazarth and Hazard, it has also been associated with many figureheads.

A name long associated with the game is Sir William Tyre who is said to have brought the game back to England from conflict in the Crusades. French mathematician Pierre de Montfort is credited with coming up with the original rules, centuries later.

Meanwhile, having descended on Canada, this quickly spread to the deep south of the United States in the 18th century. The rest, as they say, is history.