Baccarat Guide

This is known as a "thinking man's" game. Baccarat has been a mainstay down the ages and has been played in a lot ofdifferent variations.Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, this is played the most out of any other gambling game globally, being especially popular with Chinese players.

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Where can you look for the best baccarat games online

There are many good quality casino sites for Canadian players which are not only licensed and safe but also that provide a wide range of games, including baccarat. It is often the case now, where it is possible to find multiple differentiating versions of the game of baccarat, while some software providers have even created their own branded types, that online casinos offer.

Some players actually prefer to play Live Baccarat, because this offers the chance to enjoy playing the game, but in a completely different way where you get the experience and authenticity of a real casino environment, but from the comfort of your own surroundings.

This is also very easy to play via a mobile device at the majority of online casinos, such as Europa Casino, which is particularly well optimized for mobile handsets, while including attractive welcome bonus and ongoing promotions.

Also, in many instances, you are going to find that this is also possible to enjoy baccarat on demo mode, with many online casinos offering this as an option. This means that you are able to build up your confidence and get acquainted first with the rules before you wager any real money.

It is important to remember though, that your bets in baccarat have the potential to swiftly build up, so keep an eye on your bankroll and do not gamble more than you can afford to lose. There is no shame in walking away.

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How to play baccarat

One of the most important things about baccarat is that game etiquette is crucial especially in terms of how you act and follow the rules.

As a player you are required to wager on the hand that you believe carries the best possible chance of winning, and as such, it is often the hand which has a total that is closest to the number nine.

Should the player or, the banker’s two cards on the first deal get to a total of an eight or nine, it is what is called a ‘natural hand’.

If another player’s hand carries a lower point in value, this then means that the ‘natural hand’ wins. Because of this, no other hands are required to be dealt.

If no hands have a natural hand, this, therefore, means that additional cards are needed to be dealt. Though, compared to blackjack, it isn’t possible to go ‘bust’ on a hand in baccarat, because once the total of the cards goes over a value that is in excess of nine, this means that the second number is then the hand’s value. For example, if your hand amounts to 16, this means that you are then simply required to forget the first digit.

Conversely, a 10 that is based on your two cards being a six and a four, you need to then dismiss one to then give you a total of zero. As such, this hand is given the name of ‘baccarat’, and is the worst possible hand that a player can get in the game. When you play baccarat, each player always has their hand dealt first and is able to stand on either a total value of six or seven. It should be noted though; this is what the banker is aiming for as well!

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In baccarat, there are certain strategies and tips that you can apply to the game, which while these will not guarantee that you win, can help to increase your chances.

Keep an eye on your bankroll

Because the game of baccarat can be particularly volatile it means that your bankroll can change considerably as you play. It is worth being aware of the banker hand and the effect that this can have on our own. When you play baccarat the banker hand can be one that affects your chances of winning, especially if there are three possible outcomes involved.

Understand the rules

Baccarat is arguably one of the most complicated casino games to learn the rules for, and despite this being available in many formats at the majority of online casinos, it is highly advised that you become familiar with how a player's hand, as well as the game in its entirety, works.

Stay away from all-in bets

Effectively, an 'all-in' bet is where you stake your entire bankroll, almost James Bond style and as a result, this can be a dangerous thing to do in a game that has so many different permutations.

Stake on low house edge bets

By doing this, you are giving yourself a better chance of winning and, as a result, betting on the house. This is because the bank always has the best odds and a more favorable house edge of 1.06 percent. In addition, stay away from 'tie bets' because these have a considerable house advantage of 14.6 percent.

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Important terms in baccarat you cannot ignore!

When you play baccarat online, it is important to be familiar with some of the terms that will help you while you are playing. Below we have listed some of the most important ones in a table so that the information is clear and easy to digest!

ActionA bet is being wagered
BancoSpanish translation of banker
BanqueWhere two tables are connected with the banker in the middle
Banco PrimePlayer on the right of the dealer
Banker BetA 1:1 payout with the banker taking 5 percent
BurningTop three cards discarded before a new deal
BankrollWhat a player currently has in terms of money

Influence of baccarat on the gambling industry

Over the decades, baccarat has steadily grown in popularity and it is easy to see why. The initial mystique around the game, particularly in the 1970s in Las Vegas gave baccarat a thinly veiled intrigue.

Because of this, near-exclusivity feeling, it meant that more and more people were keen to know more about this game and why it was so popular, especially among the Chinese population.

While baccarat is now widely available online at many different Canadian casino sites, there were times when, it was so in demand that some casinos only made these tables and games available to VIPs and in some cases, it was a closely guarded secret if there was a casino that had a baccarat table.

It is perhaps one of the reasons why the game is the most played today in the gambling industry, because of the scarcity that was associated with it once upon a time.

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How Baccarat was first thought of

The inner circle of the gambling industry believes that you can trace baccarat as far as the 14th century to a man whose moniker was Felix Faalguiere. In fact, he didn’t actually create the game of baccarat as we know it, but instead, a game called ‘Tarrochi’ and this made use of Tarot cards.

However, this soon caught the attention of central Europe; especially France and her gambling establishments, which had somewhat of a reputation among the country’s nobles at the time.

Like every other gambling game that had its roots Europe though, this was quickly enjoyed in the USA where it grew substantially in popularity over the years, in particular, the 20th century.

Once upon a time in Las Vegas, in some casinos, you were only able to play baccarat if you are either rich, famous, or both.

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Baccarat FAQs

Is there any skill in Baccarat?

Because of how long a game of baccarat can often take, there are some who believe that it draws comparisons to chess, in terms of the amount of thinking that is usually applied. Knowing how big a bet to make and when to bet can mean for some that there is actually skill involved.

Why baccarat is dangerous

This can be a particularly dangerous game for those who are not really familiar with it so it is highly advised that you not only learn the rules but play the game on demo mode a few times before you play with real money. Doing this will assist in providing you with a respect for the finer points of the game and help you to understand the risks that are involved.