High Roller Bonus

High Roller Bonus Guide

A particular type of bonus that is attractive in the world of online casinos is the high roller bonus, which is also known as the VIP bonus.

Many online casinos offer what are called VIP programs where 'high rollers' are entitled to certain benefits. In a lot of cases, each online casino has different tiers available that rank all of their high rollers, from 'bronze, silver, gold and platinum' level.

Depending on how big the online casino is, the benefits that are available to high rollers and VIP players can include corporate invites to certain sporting events, though this is only really at the most popular global brands.

If an online casino offers a VIP program, you will often find that there are certain steps that you need to take in order to become a high roller, such as depositing more than you would for another bonus, playing regularly and making big deposits on a regular basis. As a result of this, because you are then regarded as a special customer, you are rewarded in kind.

The most common benefits of a high roller bonus is that you will get free spins on a regular basis, exclusive access to table games tournaments or high stakes poker tournaments, your own dedicated account manager in sometimes even merchandise.

Every online casino differs in its VIP program and if it is very new, you might find that it does not even have one. Compared to normal welcome bonuses, a VIP bonus usually requires you to deposit a lot more when you sign up to the site in order to get a high roller bonus.

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$500 Bonus

20 Free Spins

$200 Bonus

100 Free Spins

$300 Bonus

200 Free Spins

Are there special high roller online casinos?

Some casino sites are built especially for high rollers and as a result, this is reflected by the rewards that they have on offer.

It is possible to get up to $5000 matched as a deposit bonus at some high roller casino sites and they usually attract actual VIP players such as celebrities who can make a deposit of $5000 easily without thinking too much about the consequences.

A lot of the time, high rollers are attracted to high roller casinos because they can get access to some of the most exclusive poker tournaments for example, where the purse might be in the high millions and which might not be available at another casino site.

Often, the wagering requirements at high roller casinos are X40 or more and this alone can be enough to put some people off. Regardless though, it is always worth checking the terms and conditions first.

What are the benefits of a high roller bonus?

There are many different benefits of a high roller bonus that appeals to online casino players. These differ a lot depending on the casino site, though usually they increase and get better based on the progress that a VIP player makes. For example, a platinum level VIP player has considerably more benefits than a bronze level VIP player.

As a minimum, the sort of benefits that high roller bonuses can command is a certain amount of free spins either every day or every week, which is usually a higher amount than those who are not high rollers.

Also, as touched upon, a high roller has access to their very own account manager which means that they do not have to spend time waiting on a live chat screen; instead, they have their details and can reach out directly. The biggest online casino brands take their VIP program very seriously and as a result, do as much as they can in order to try and make their particular high roller happy.

At their own discretion, some VIP account managers even have the discretion to distribute benefits such as free spins if they feel that this will prevent the high roller from joining another casino site.

Furthermore, high rollers usually have the benefit of having a higher withdrawal limit on their winnings, compared to those who are not as well, while they may also even have exclusive access to casino bonuses, which are effectively high roller bonuses.

Arguably the most attractive benefit that high rollers are often privileged to receive are invitations to flagship sporting events, where they will experience ultimate corporate hospitality. This is especially the case for those online casinos that have their own online sportsbook and as a result, are involved in the sponsorship of that particular event.

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High Roller bonus

Is winning potential increased for high rollers?

This is a misconception of many and it relates to the fact that they think high rollers have a better chance of winning larger amounts of money than other people when in reality, this is not necessarily true.

While it could be argued that high rollers can spend more money and can have more time to be patient, especially in terms of waiting for a progressive jackpot to drop, the fact is that all slots and table games are completely random. It is entirely possible to walk away with 10s of thousands off the back of a $1 wager.

Special offers for high rollers

When you are a high roller at an online casino, you are constantly bombarded with special offers from your account manager and indeed, some of these are exclusive. Quite simply, you would not see them on the casino site or not even get to know about them if you were not a high roller.

These could be the opportunity to try new slots or table games before anyone else, the chance to win an exclusive jackpot or just a higher than usual amount of free spins every week. For the right person,a high roller bonus gives them the chance to gain access to many different rewards, though these do come at a price.

Minimum deposits, as well as wagering requirements of the high roller bonus, can be particularly steep so it is worth considering carefully before signing up for these, though you can always opt out. There are some online casinos where it is not even possible to join the VIP program until you have first deposited a certain amount of money anyway and itcan take a long time to reach the highest level.

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High Roller Bonus FAQs

When are you qualified as a high roller?

This depends on the online casino you are playing. In general this starts from a (first) deposit of $1000.

How to get in contact with personal support?

When you plan to make a big deposit you can contact the support and tell them what you are about to do. They could directly bring you in contact with a personal account manager.