Casino Bonus Codes

Casino Bonus Codes Guide

It is quite common for some online casinos to have bonus codes that players need to enter in order to claim their bonus regardless of whether this is for the different types of welcome bonuses, such as deposit bonuses, or no deposit bonuses.

In some cases, bonus codes are even required for ongoing bonuses or promotions that you may find on offer at an online casino on a monthly basis, the most common of which often being free spins bonuses.

While bonus codes originally were not widely used by online casinos, these have started to be adopted by a number of new casino sites, though it ultimately depends on the strategy of the casino brand and what they feel might be best.

Because there are so many different types of bonuses available, sometimes having individual bonus codes for each one can help to distinguish between them. Usually, a bonus code is required to be entered by the player when they come to claim a particular bonus, regardless of which one it is.

If for example it it is a no deposit welcome offer where the player receives $10, it could be that the bonus code is as simple as '10 bonus' which refers to the fact that the player will get $10 credited to their casino account when they have entered it.

In addition, some bonus codes might only be required for a mobile casino site if for example, the online casino is doing an a/b test to see how this affects sign up rates, from their desktop site and mobile site. Sometimes, if a bonus is particularly good, players do not mind entering a bonus code and this is quite often the case for no deposit bonuses, where the player is getting free bonus funds without having to make a deposit.

The process effectively takes less than a minute and is perfectly simple to do regardless of whether you are on a mobile device or desktop.

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$1000 Bonus

300 Free Spins

$300 Bonus

200 Free Spins

$500 Bonus

5% each deposit

Casino Welcome Bonus Codes

These can differ a lot. While it is more common to find bonus codes being a requirement for no deposit welcome bonuses, these can also be needed for deposit bonuses as well.

This could be in an instance where the welcome bonus is structured and has different stages to unlock the next bonus funds and as a result, each one has a different bonus code. Because of this, it is definitely worth visiting the terms and conditions page of the online casino, because this is where you will find a full breakdown of how this works in the wagering requirements section.

In addition, welcome bonuses that are presented as a welcome package, might also have free spins attached, such as 20 free spins or in some scenarios, 100 free spins. This can mean that you are required to enter a bonus code for these.

This could be simply the name of the slot on which these are valid for such as 'Book of Dead 1', while if you have signed up to a welcome offer that has 100 free spins, these might be unlocked in stages. For each stage of 20 free spins, you may have to enter a different bonus code each time. This though, is likely to be in a very rare scenario.

Where you will more than likely find that you need to enter a bonus code as touched upon, is for a no deposit welcome offer. This is because you are already getting free bonus to use, so entering a bonus code does seem fair on balance.

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Bonus codes

Importance of Online Casino Terms and Conditions

While reading the terms and conditions at an online casino can seem like a tedious process, arguably as far as bonus codes are concerned, this is particularly important. The reason for this is because if a casino requires more than one bonus code, this is sometimes the only place where you can be guaranteed of finding them.

The majority of online casinos though, will clearly make these visible for players on the banner of the welcome offer itself, or if there is not enough space, prompt you to visit the terms and conditions page to find the rest.

Terms and conditions are also useful for finding out information about bonus codes that relate to free spins. For example, even tough you might have 50 free spins or 200 free spins, it does not mean that these are automatically available. It could be that you need to opt-in first in order to activate these or confirm your email address before you can enter your bonus codes. Often, you will find this type of information here.

With deposit bonus codes, the terms surrounding these can be quite convoluted and in order to really be able to maximize the advantages of this kind of bonus, consulting the terms and conditions page is wise idea.

Because you find the full wagering requirements in the t&c's this means that you are also able to find out whether different bonus codes unlock lower wagering requirements, especially if these are for deposit bonuses that have different levels.

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After entering a Bonus Code

When you have successfully entered the bonus code to unlock the bonus funds, it means you can then start wagering with real money and if required, start working your through the wagering requirements.

It could well be the case that you do not have to worry about entering another bonus code, especially if it just a basic and straightforward welcome offer, however, there could be a chance that you may need to if the casino site has promotions on a regular basis.

These could be for bonus spins on a particular slot or a free spins no deposit promotion where you can win real money and make a withdrawal. Some of the best online casinos have very creative bonuses available on a regular basis, so it is always worth checking either your email or the site. This is because it could be as attractive as something like 200 free spins throughout a particular month simply for a $10 deposit, along with a bonus code.

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Bonus Codes at Canadian Online Casinos

You will find that there are some online casinos available to Canadian players where you may need to enter a bonus code in order to claim your bonus, or when you have made your first deposit.

Canada no deposit casinos or free no deposit casinos in Canada are the main casino sites where you will find that you need to enter a bonus code. Ultimately though, you receive bonus money that you can use on a particular online slot machine in some cases or even table games.

Casino Bonus Codes FAQs

Are casino bonus codes old fashion?

A little, yes. Nowadays the casino work with special pages for specific promotions. There are still casinos that use bonus codes.

Where to find bonus codes?

The times of finding great bonus codes on the web are past. Most bonus codes are provided by visiting the casino itself offering you a range of codes to use. Some casinos are also sending out promotions with special bonus codes.

We do not advice you to go looking for codes on discount sites. Such coupon sites supply mostly fake codes to just make the casino believe they sent you to them. Ofcourse only for their own profit.