Wagering Requirements

Wagering Requirements Guide

In the online casino industry, wagering requirements are a very important part of casino bonuses, because they provide a detailed breakdown of how these bonuses can be used. It is often the case that where these are the most crucial is with a deposit bonus, especially if there are many different types of tiers associated with them.

What you will find is that wagering requirements provide players almost with a checklist that goes into detail about how they must use their casino bonuses to get the full benefits from them, which can give the player peace of mind.

The reason why these are so important is that it helps the player to differentiate between each of the different casino bonuses and because of this, they are able to form a better understanding of the intricacies.

Online casinos know that when they provide wagering requirements in a comprehensive form, there is absolutely nothing left to chance and it is quite common to find that these are quite extensive. Usually, these can be found on the terms and conditions page of a casino site, and as a result, you will have to scroll down to reach the wagering requirements section.

It is always important to read the wagering requirements before you sign up for a casino site, as it is vital to make sure that you fully understand them. These are effectively a comprehensive guide and is split into different sections.

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What you need to know about wagering requirements

In the majority of instances, wagering requirements can be quite long and convoluted and when you have read one page about these, it could be said that you have often read them all. However, there are subtle differences for each online casino that you need to know as a minimum.

Every casino bonus will provide the number of times that you need to wager your bonus amount before you can withdraw it and these can vary significantly.

For example, you will have some that are as low as 20x and others that are as high as 40x. These now are quite rare cases and even though it is still possible to find 20x and 40x the most common is usually between 30x and 35x.

Also, what is worth knowing, is the amount of time that you have to use your bonuses before they expire and this can differ between each online casino. Usually, this is 30 days, though this is definitely one piece of information that you should be looking for.

Sometimes, deposit bonuses also come with free spins, such as 100 free spins and there can be wagering requirements that are associated with these. For example, these might be released in blocks of 20 over a certain amount of days, must be used within a certain time period, and might only be available for a specific slot.

While 100 free spins with a deposit bonus offer might appear attractive at first glance, it is always worth making sure that you understand how these must be used before you commit. This could be because, you might not have the time to play at the particular online casino every day and as a result, signing up at that particular time, might be counter productive.

Another important factor with wagering requirements relates to how much the minimum and maximum stake is per spin. This could affect the amount of time that you need to spend in fulfilling the terms of the bonus offer.

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No Deposit Bonus Wagering Requirement Terms

Because no deposit bonus offers are a lot different to deposit bonuses, it means that quite often, there are less wagering requirements.

However, one that usually applies is the amount of time that you have in order to use this and it is the case that these are often less generous than for deposit bonus offers, because you are getting free bonus funds.

In addition, wagering requirements for no deposit bonuses could mean that you can only use these on a certain slot or slots and this information will also be available.

Casino wagering requirements

First Deposit Wagering Requirement Terms

Sometimes players will find that welcome bonuses come in tiers if there is a lot of bonus money available and most of the wagering requirements for these might apply to the first deposit. It could be that if you do not use your first deposit bonus funds after a certain amount of days, then it may not be possible to access the second and even third deposit bonus funds, in rare scenarios.

In addition, you might find that first deposit wagering requirements have a bonus code that unlocks bonus funds and this can differ between second and third, which is why it is always important to make sure that you understand these first and read the terms in case there is any confusion.

Ultimately, online casinos are required to make these wagering requirements as straightforward as possible for the customer, so that they can sign up smoothly and start playing as soon as possible.

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Can I withdraw winnings before using wagering requirements?

All online casinos differ on this, though it is often the case that you cannot withdraw any winnings that have been generated by bonus funds before you have fulfilled the wagering requirements that are attached to these.

However, there are some instances where this may differ. For example, for a deposit welcome bonus, where there are deposit tiers involved, it could be allowed to withdraw winnings after fulfilling the wagering requirements at the end of the first one for example, but then you are precluded from going on to the next tier.

With casino sites that do this, it can often be a good strategy for players, if they have built up a substantial profit at the end of the first tier and decide that it is enough to enjoy the rest of their experience at the online casino, without being tied to these.

It is important to mention that at no point are you obligated to fulfill any of the wagering requirements and can simply deposit as little or as much as you want to enjoy the slot, slots, table games, or live casino options at your own leisure.

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What casino sites have the best wagering requirements?

This can differ, depending on what you are looking for and some people might consider those bonuses with many wagering requirements to be the best and vice versa.

Generally speaking though, it is definitely worth trying to find casino sites that have the fewest wagering requirements and while it is rare to find 10x these do still exist.

Wagering Requirements FAQs

Why are there wagering requirements?

The existence of wagering requirements is for protecion of the casino. It protects the casino for 'bonus players' that come in, play only one time and walk away with the bonus.

We have to say that some of the casinos are abusing these requirements as they offer a crazy amount of bonuses that can't be unlocked for withdrawals. You need to wager 60x or even more. We do not list these on our site.

Are casino bonuses not worth it?

Depends on how you want to play. There are many casinos that have fair requirements giving it really a boost to your casino experience, especially when you want to play with just a little money.

Remind that you can always decline the bonus. If you decline the bonus, you will have full freedom of payout.