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Curacao egaming Guide

Unbeknown to many, Curacao is an island in the Caribbean that is part of the Dutch Antilles, collectively and actually has a significant amount of influence in the online gambling industry. More known for its beaches of coral, clear blue sea, and tropical climate, it is actually also one of the premier jurisdictions for online gambling.

As a result, the Curacao egaming body provides licenses to online casinos in certain jurisdictions, including Canada, as well as other emerging markets in the industry. It is tasked with the responsibility of making sure that all of the online casinos that have one of their licenses are operating within the legislation that is set in conjunction with the Curacao government.

It has a strong track record of ensuring that all of the online casinos that fall under its purview provide the required infrastructure and services that they say they are going to as well as looking after the interests of their players.

Working in a slightly different way from the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), in terms of the operational structure, Curacao egaming is provided with a Master License from the Curacao government so that it can function.

This then means that Curacao egaming is eligible to grant a number of other licenses to online casinos, which cover every kind of gambling such as exchanges as well as sports betting. In addition to this, Curacao egaming also offers online casinos other services which include a comprehensive package featuring consulting, compliance provision, payment processing, support for the back office, DNS hosting and banking help.

While it is perhaps one of the strangest online gambling jurisdictions in the industry, it still has strict legislation in place and as a result, it is well regarded for the regulations that it provides.

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What protection does a Curacao egaming license offer players?

There is no doubt about the fact that when it comes to online gambling, players regard protection for themselves as a highly important factor. The gaming industry as a whole, particularly the gambling commission in each region stipulates this as an important factor. As a result, a licensed casino under the purview of Curacao egaming legislation has to abide by a strict set of rules. These are key to making sure that the commission maintains its reputation as one of the revered in the industry.

As a result of this, such measures that those online casinos that hold a Curacao egaming license are required to follow include measures against anti-fraud activity, while also providing safeguards against criminal activity such as money laundering.

Because of this, every online casino that is in possession of a Curacao egaming license, is monitored regularly to make sure that it is adhering to such regulations. In addition to this, software providers also fall under their jurisdiction, especially those who are known to service those relevant operators and, as such are required to be approved.

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What gives Curacao egaming such a good reputation in online gambling?

In this industry, reputation is everything and having been around since 1996, Curaco egaming is one of the oldest and most respected and well known in the world, being highly respected in multiple countries.

As a result, this gambling commission has built up a name for itself as being a highly responsible regulator and licensee, with a number of well known online casino brands operating under its jurisdiction. In addition to this, and somewhat surprisingly to many, it offers a great degree of political stability, in fact, it is one of the most politically stable of any in the industry.

Why is a Curacao License attractive for online casinos and players?

There are a number of advantages for an online casino having a license from the Curacao gaming authority and as a result, many look at this as a great alternative, especially online casinos that operate in Canada. In addition to this, it also favors players.

In terms of operators, one of the biggest reasons why they choose to be based here, is because of the favorable tax laws, which are some of the most attractive in the online gambling industry. Charging just two percent on net profits, it also does not have many major obstacles to jump to gain a license. However, the main and most important requirement is that you have a legitimate online casino.

In addition to this, it is relatively inexpensive to gain a license in Curacao, costing approximately $5,000 per month for the initial two years, after which these fees can be negotiated.

For players, they can rest assured that because Curacao egaming also provides the structure for how an online casino should operate under its jurisdiction, that they are well protected when it comes to the procedures that are in place for things like the security of financial transaction details.

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Curacao egaming FAQs

How do you know if an operator is licensed by Curacao egaming?

Every casino that is licensed by Curacao egaming has to show their logo. At the footer of the casino you can see the logo of the authority. When you click on the logo, it will lead you to the website of the authority listing the name, type of license and if it is valid.

Can you complain to the Curacao egaming authority?

Yes, you can. First you need to try to resolve your issue with the casino directly. If that doesn't help you can use any kind of solving service offered by different gambling websites or by contacting the owner of a site like ours. If that also doesn't work you can contact the authority.